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Dealing with larger PR and Social Media firms can cause you to feel like a number. LJW is founded on the principle that every nonprofit, brand and business matters. Our firm offers services in public relations, social media, crisis communications, and branding.

A successful public relations strategy is achieved by understanding the goal and mission of your clients and using that knowledge to create a campaign that guarantees local and national media attention. LJW Social Media & PR Strategies understands how to communicate for constructive change– not just to disseminate and publicize. We focus on strategies that get people to “ask the right questions,” use data to drive demand by raising awareness and help explore options by analyzing various courses of action.

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Dumfries , VA, 22026 , United States

About us

LJW Social Media & PR Strategies specializes in creating strategic social media & PR strategies that give nonprofits, brands & businesses the media coverage they deserve. Latraniecesa Wilson is the Founder and President of LJW Social Media & PR Strategies. Her years in the news industry have helped her lead unknown nonprofits to prime time news coverage.