A successful public relations strategy is achieved by understanding the goal and mission of your clients and using that knowledge to create a campaign that guarantees local and national media attention. LJW Social Media & PR Strategies understands how to communicate for constructive change– not just to disseminate and publicize. We focus on strategies that get people to “ask the right questions,” use data to drive demand by raising awareness and help explore options by analyzing various courses of action.

In short, we believe communications is an engine for empowering constructive change through public awareness. We craft and execute public relations strategies that ensure maximum publicity at both the local and national levels, including helping our clients find the most powerful story angles, drafting press releases and advisories, and most importantly, getting on the telephone and “selling” stories to reporters and producers. We know firsthand that even the best press releases don’t generate news; picking up the phone and talking with reporters is the only way to get the coverage our clients want. This is where we excel – pitching stories creatively and aggressively. Our public relations work covers:
• Story Generation and Media Placement
• Creating News and Leveraging Stories
• Press Releases, Op-eds and Letters to the Editor
• Social Media Integration
• Video News Releases
• Press Advance
• Social Media Analytical Monitoring and Reports
• Post-Campaign Analysis
• Contact & Media List Creation
• Communication Strategy 

                                                                 Social Media 
We counsel our clients on creating their own communication channels, producing content and building audiences. By integrating social media into an overall strategic communications plan, our clients are more likely to be seen and heard in today’s 24-7 news environment. We offer assistance with:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• LinkedIn
We’re also ready for the next big thing. Social media is constantly evolving, and LJW Social Media and PR Strategies stay on top of the changes. We test out the new tools and networks to see which will take off and which are a waste of time – saving our clients time and money. LJW also creates campaign social media toolkits for distribution to your audience.

                                                     Crisis Communications 
Our crisis management plans are designed to help upper-level management and public relations professionals reduce the potential damage caused by a crisis or issue. To address crisis communications effectively, a company must be well-prepared with the best internal and external resources working together as a team. Possible crises include natural and man-made disasters, unplanned management changes or illness, missed guidance, plant closures, activist shareholders, product failures or recalls, failed clinical trials, online slander and more. LJW Social Media & PR Strategies works closely with its clients to mitigate negative stakeholder reactions to events that may threaten a company’s reputation or business plans. We also recognize that a crisis is likely to require immediate public communication (at times with only limited information), as well as ongoing work to provide updates and/or fully address the situation. Although no two crises are alike, LJW has crisis communications templates that can be customized to a client’s circumstances.                                                                      

Creating branding strategies that help deliver your message clearly, confirms your credibility, creates user loyalty and connects your target prospects emotionally. LJW Social Media & PR Strategies knows what it takes to get your brand media exposure and how to gain a following that embraces your message. The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:
• Delivers the message clearly
• Confirms your credibility
• Connects your target prospects emotionally
• Motivates the buyer
• Concrete User Loyalty

                                                        Communications Strategy 
 A communications strategy, expresses the goals and methods of an organization's outreach activities, as it relates to their strategic plan. The communications strategy should serve as a guide for any media and public relations activities. Do you need assistance bringing your team together to build a successful communications strategy or do you need someone to create a communications strategy for your business? LJW Social Media and PR Strategies can facilitate a communications strategy workshop that will transform your organizations' communications.

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LJW Social Media & PR Strategies specializes in creating strategic social media & PR strategies that give nonprofits, brands & businesses the media coverage they deserve. Latraniecesa Wilson is the Founder and President of LJW Social Media & PR Strategies. Her years in the news industry have helped her lead unknown nonprofits to prime time news coverage.